Pardon the strange border…this came from Shane’s phone When I have days like yesterday.
I open my phone to text my best friend.
And then I browse my texts to delete them (because remember more than 100 drive me crazy)
I was at 160 yesterday.
I’ve been busy. I haven’t had the time to delete texts.
I come across these texts from my brother:
“Hey Myles is writing a paper about using rhetorical strategies in writing. Do you have any idea what that is?”
“Ok. Thank you. He told me to ask you cuz you know this stuff.”
“U R trying to piss me off! And it’s not working because I love u.”
“Ya that’s funny but you would think that if you liked him so much you would be able to spell his last name right. It’s FAVRE but it’s pronounced Farve.”

This was the text that goes with the one above it. Sometimes I like to pretend I know sports and text my brother–the man who knows sports better than anyone else…H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.

“The Beets.”

In response to my text where I asked him what the name of the band that Doug loved (from the TV show) was. Zach and I were randomly having a conversation about Doug. :)

“Shane’s stupider than I am but dad thinks he can walk on water?!?”

I got that text IMMEDIATELY after I made that statement. I was at my parents’ house and Shane was supposed to be sleeping. I heard my phone go off and I told everyone that it would be Shane. I was laughing before I even read the text.

happy birthday u FAT LITTLE PIG!”

Capitalization left as-is
“Whoops, 4:30 but since I said that you really should come at 4:39. LOL I think it would be funny.”
When he accidentally texted me the wrong time for dinner :)
“hahahahahahaha. Hey remember when we were in Jackpot and I was up in the window and I pointed the remote at you and u were by the car n u ducked down?!!! Hahahahahaha.”
“OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so damn funny!!! hahahahaha u were so scared hahahahaha the way you looked and then ducked hahahahaha oh man, I can’t stop laughing.”
“Wagon Toe!”
‘”First thing dad says when mom was getting her leftovers was “oh my word, she’s gonna need 2 find a ride home!”
These texts make me smile. A LOT. Sometimes they make me laugh, really hard.
Mostly they make me so grateful for my brother. I freaking LOVE him! He is the best.
I am so grateful for our friendship.
A lot of these won’t make sense to anyone.
Maybe some people who know my family.
They are beautiful though.
We are brother and sister.
And we’re still friends.