What is your most treasured memory?
If you know me, you know that there is NO WAY that I can answer that question with just ONE answer.
But it is MY blog. And when you have your own blog you can do whatever you want.
Like answer this question with three answers for each significant period of your life :)
So I’m turning the question into
What are your most treasured memories?

Memories with my grandma. Eating cream of mushroom soup at the table after kindergarten. Talking to her about my day in the talking chair. Getting ice cream and Oreos at Shady Acres and making our own shakes. Those memories make my heart warm, really they do. They made me. They made my life rich.
*Memories with my mom. Chinese food and naps on Friday afternoons. Singing in the shower. Vacations. That feeling of being loved and adored so much. My mom has a gift for that, really.
*Memories with Shane. Witch. Christmas Eves. “I’m over here…oops!” Marrying him to Melissa from across the street. Playing office, store, and so sadly-McDonald’s. Trying to escape nap time together.

High School
Misty. I Am Sam. That Jessica Beal movie we quoted and now I cannot remember the name. Sammishness.
*Mr. Fout
*Graduation Night and the Graduation Party that followed.

Summer After High School
Streaking and naked Chinese fire drills.
*My first summer at the Y…I met Sarah and Jonnie that summer. (Technically I already knew Jonnie but we became friends that summer).
I’m only doing two because I need ONE more for my college years

Our very first apartment EVER. Singing “Angie.” Angie telling us we needed a plant. Dan. The confessional in the bath tub. The excessive eating. The video taping. Sting. Skipping class. Watching a TON of MTV with Misty. We had a TV schedule we lived by. Nearly failing biology. Walking across campus at BSU.
*My first love and first broken heart. Healing it through Monday stops at Smokey Mountain where Jonnie would serve me chocolate milk and listen to me cry and cry about my broken heart. It’s a horrible memory but it also made me. I also deepened a really incredible friendship.
*Classes…Learning and laughing. Rushmi’s class with Misty. Going to Misty’s Tuesday night class with her. American Literature. Child Psychology.Psycho Linguistics. Math Methods. Math 25 :) :) :) Ed Tech with Jonnie. I loved my classes at Boise State. L.O.V.E.D them. I learned. I got fired up. I loved learning.
*Summers…floating the river with Misty. Playing at the Y with my kids, Sarah, Jonnie, and Cody. Losing weight. Tanning. Loving every single minute.

After Graduation
Getting my first official teaching job. The day I accepted it and the day I saw my name on the door.
*Shane leaving for his mission
*Losing my grandma (I suppose I don’t treasure that memory, but it’s another one of those memories. I still ache over that day..over that whole experience.) It will stick with me forever.

*The moment I firs met him. I will treasure that moment. I wanted him. I remember seeing him for the first time. That’s such an incredibly special memory.
*Getting chicken nuggets before heading into the temple on our wedding day. That’s a memory I’ll keep forever.
*Our first year-Mac and Cheese, falling in love with the George Foreman, Burn Notice, Mal, Idaho Pizza Company, cuddling to sleep every single night, laughing, going on walks. I hope to never forget the feeling of this first year. The feeling of wanting to get home now! The feeling of being out at the store or somewhere other than home and realizing that we get to go home together. That’s an incredible feeling. Every time I find myself so lucky. Our home became our home instantly, but I am still not completely “used to” the fact that he gets to come home with me. I feel like we’re just married every time and that makes me happy :)

Your turn:

What are your most treasured memories?
Answer any way you’d like :)
Just answer..please!