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Let me tell you about true love.
I have learned lots of things about it..through my husband of course.
He’s the expert at displaying real unconditional love.
It’s pretty amazing.
And since this blog is another form of a journal for me.
I want to keep this memory.
This display (among thousands) of unconditional love.
Tonight I was trying to make scalloped potatoes from scratch.
I was cutting my potatoes a little too quickly and I cut my finger.
This cut would not be considered a large cut by any means, but a cut is a cut in my book.
I panicked. I nearly passed out. Zach wasn’t home at this point so nobody but Mal was there to witness my bravery.
Later this evening I got something IN my cut.
It burned.
It hurt.
It made me faint…yet again.
I actually called for Zach to come and do something about it.
Yes, I was being THAT much of a baby. (I have reasons why I get faint and nauseous but if I share them with you it will make me faint and nauseous all over again).
So, I call and Zach comes.
He washes my cut with soap and water.
He puts Neosporin on the band aid.
He bandages my hand.
This guy is unreal.
He didn’t brush me off.
He didn’t get annoyed with me and my dramatic antics.
He took care of me.
I love being married so much it’s ridiculous.
Being married rocks…but there is no comparison to being married to Zach.
He is one in a million!