>I’m skipping the kid one because it is really difficult…
this letter…well let’s just say…this letter is a LOT different than I would have imagined at 20.

Dear ____________,
Those who know–you know who he is

I am so grateful for all the memories and experiences we had. We had fun. However, I am eternally grateful that I did not end up with you. I actually feel silly that I was SO heartbroken over you. Have you met my husband? Have you seen how he loves me? That’s what I needed all along…I just never knew. Not to say you’re not an okay guy…you are an okay guy…but you’re not mine. I harbor no love-like feelings nor do I harbor any hateful-feelings. You’re happy (I hope and assume) and so am I. Perhaps some day we will run into each other and have an awkward conversation? But it definitely will not be anything like Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne.” Thank Goodness! Until then…take care (you always loved that phrase:).


p.s. I do have to brag that my husband has an incredible head of hair and won’t be losing it any time soon and you (I am pretty sure–another of your favorite phrases–)do not!