At least so far…

BoldOne week from today is our one year wedding anniversary!!


I seriously can’t believe it.

I cried last night when I was talking to Zach about it. It’s gone so fast it almost makes me sad. I’ve loved it so much. Marriage has been VERY good to me. It has FAR exceeded my expectations.

In honor of the anniversary I am posting a week long countdown
because it’s fun for me to do.

You will see 6 countdown posts until the big day

1. Favorite Meals

2. Regrettable Moments

3. Favorite Dates

4. Favorite Television Shows

5. Favorite Memories

6. Top Ten Things about Being Married

So to begin the countdown….

Here is a list of our favorite meals:
At home:
*Hot dogs and cheese burgers prepared on the George Foreman
*Mac N’ Cheese w/ Cut Up Hot dogs
*Broccoli Chicken Alfredo
*General Tso’s Chicken and Steamed Rice–eaten with chopsticks of course
*Idaho Pizza Co. Pizza-Large Half Hawaiian/Half Pepperoni and Black Olive
PLUS Cheese Twists
*Texas Roadhouse–me chicken critters/Zach rib eye steak
I give Zach one chicken critter and Zach gives me a large bite of his steak