As we continue on with a countdown.
Here’s a list of some of our regrettable moments (or in other words “silly spats” )throughout the year:
*The Newlywed Game “Too Small” “Just Right” Incident
*The fact that we have had a number of knock-out, drag-down fights
Learning how to play the two-player version has led to some great newlywed memories and some regrettable…err…actually embarrassing newlywed memories
*The time I jokingly told Zach that he looked like a ‘tool’ before church and he actually shaved his facial hair–I felt so bad about it that I cried
*The time Zach convinced me we should have McDonalds for dinner (he does that sometimes since we had chicken nuggets on our wedding day before the sealing…he always uses that card to excuse the unhealthy consequences of eating McDonalds–I don’t eat McDonalds. My wedding day was the first time in YEARS) and I argued that it wasn’t healthy. So he randomly decided to still go and be “healthy” so he brought home a meal and a McFlurry to “split” and I don’t share food!
Actually this list is making me rather embarrassed. I just look like a brat. I will tell you Zach had a real place in silly arguments number 1 and 2…he really did. :)