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We watch a lot of television…I will admit it,
but we watch it together.
We rarely ever watch anything without the other person.
Because we like each other.
We like cuddling on the couch.

In our first year of marriage…we’ve seriously had a blast finding common ground
via Netflix and we’ve become fans of quite a few different shows

1. Friends
It all started here. I own the series and so we started watching them together when we were first married…Zach loves Chandler. I still love Ross. I will occasionally quote Friends
and Zach will laugh. Which helps when I’m missing Sarah. :)
2. After Friends it was Zach’s turn. He had seen the Pilot of Burn Notice
and had liked it. I bought him the first two seasons before we got married with the promise to watch them with him in our new home. I wasn’t looking forward to it. (Truth be told that’s why I started him on Friends first:) but I fell in love with this show! It is incredible. Amazing. It has everything…action, principles, love, family, friends, comedy, intensity…EVERYTHING! We are truly obsessed. (We were Michael and Fi for Halloween. )

And then one day I found myself playing on Netflix and found this show…
Lie to Me
Talk about killer. We love this show as well. These people are human lie detectors…great story lines, great base, great show!

Just recently we stumbled upon this (again…Netlflix + Sharlee =match made in heaven)
This show is crazy. Seriously. We found it just in time for Halloween. We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night curled up on the couch watching this show. It is seriously ridiculous. It is almost too intense. I have to turn my head sometimes. It has given me bad dreams. It is SO much more than another lawyer show. We love it.

So there you have it. Our shows. It may seem lame but we love our nights in. We usually make every night a night “in” before going to bed. I sit on the couch with my legs draped over Zach’s lap (Mal chews a bone on the floor next to Zach’s feet) and we watch a show. Right now with Damages, I bury my head in his shoulder and he tells me when I can look again. I stomp around the kitchen yelling at the TV. Yelling about how crazy the show is and Mal cocks his head to the side. (We take walks between episodes or after sitting for one.) Last night on our walk I was telling Zach that I think it’s neat how we’ve found so much common ground. We like similar things…that was not the case when we met. We have a small house so we had to find ways to share it and enjoy it together…this is just one of the ways we have.