“Mrs. Hatch is the coolest teacher ever!”

These are the words I just heard uttered by one of the 4 cutest BOYS ever sitting in the back of my classroom enjoying their lunch.

First of all I have to explain the situation. On a given students’ birthday week (and yes, I do summer birthday’s, too). That student gets a 25 cent popcorn treat on Friday from me…and they get to invite 3 friends to eat in the room and play games. That’s how we do birthdays in room 123!
These boys enjoyed a very relaxed lunch. They all sat around the table together and chatted for seriously a good 20 minutes! How cute is that?

I turned to thank them for the comment and they said I’m the only teacher who’s ever let them eat lunch in the room. Well, if that’s what it takes? I have no problem.

Best part of my job. I CAN eat lunch with my students. Kids. The best people in the world.
Let’s see. Who would I rather have lunch with?
Or other teachers?


And in case you didn’t catch it, since I realize that kids are cooler.
I want them in my room.

That makes me, ladies and gentleman, the coolest teacher in the world!
I do not lie!