I think this picture has been on this blog A LOT. But it’s the last picture I took with my grandparents…and it’s a great memory.
Gram has been on my mind a lot lately.
It’s almost been two years.
I had a moment the other day, where it seemed like I just lost her all over again.
My phone was stolen on our anniversary and I had ONE message my Grandma had left me before she passed saved onto my phone in a file.
I thought it was gone.
Then I remembered that Zach had saved it on his phone (his broken phone) too.
I asked him if he could find it.
He did.
I listed to it…only twice…and I cried and cried and cried.
I miss her still, so so much.
I will never stop missing her.
I was cleaning today. I happen to have a few notes that I would color and leave for my grandparents.
The rest are still at their house.
They are supposed to be treasured :)
They are mostly, “I love you so much!” type notes.
But I found this one today.
It sure made me cry.
Grandpa and Grandma:
I love you AND
1. Aunt Deanne called–they’re going to their reunion today, but she’ll call about church tomorrow :)
2. Your juice is in the fridge.
3. I’ll be spending the night again :)
4. I LOVE YOU!!!!
And that’s it.
That’s the note.
I’m so sad on so many levels.
I am also so blessed.
I am blessed to have had them–the two of them together–for as long as I did.
I miss you, Gram.