My week has been horrible.
I’ve been angry, mad, frustrated.
I’ve yelled, I’ve cried. I’ve stayed up way too late.

When you have a week like that…and then a day like today…you realize how blessed you are for the things that make you feel good, warm, happy, and whole.
Today I’m so thankful for:
*My home. The way it feels to walk into it. It’s warm. It’s inviting. It’s ours.
*A husband to come home to. To kiss me at the door and hug me. To reassure me that “everything is going to be alright.” To make dinner while I’m out on visits for church.
*Mal. Who greets me so eagerly and with such enthusiasm. And who, I’m fairly certain, loves our home like I do to. I can tell in the way that he curls up and rests in our house. He feels warm, cozy, and safe here, too!:)
*My students. Today they were so kind, thoughtful, and FUNNY. They are learning. They are soaking up what I teach them. They are fun. We are having a blast. I love them.
*My calling. Having that to keep me grounded and on track. I love being with the Young Women and I love being a Ward Missionary. This week, both of those things have left me with a heart full of gratitude.
*Food. Warm food on a cold night, makes me feel so very fortunate.
*Last but not least, this line from one of my current favorite songs:
“Baby if you’re in the mood and you can settle for a one night rodeo,
You can be my tan-legged Juliet,
I’ll be your redneck Romeo.

It cheers me up! Beyond words. Every time!