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My brothers and sisters, to express gratitude is gracious and honorable; to enact gratitude is generous and noble; but to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven.” President Thomas S. Monson
I’m grateful for so many things. I am never able to cover all of them. Here are a few some simple…some not so simple..all make me incredibly blessed:
*The gospel and the way that it directs my life and brings me peace.
*My home. It’s warm and safe. It feels like home and I feel so blessed to have it for myself.
*My family. They are kind, supportive, and unique. I feel so blessed to be part of my family. I apologize that I sometimes take you guys for granted.
*Mal. He is loyal and excited about life and loves us. He listens. He cuddles. He makes us laugh. Plus, he is FREAKIN’ CUTE!
*My job. I love it. I feel passionately about what I do and what I want to change. I have a principal who is supportive of my decisions. I get to work with kids all day long and they are SO much better than adults. I love my team of teachers. I love my job. It pays bills.
*Zach. I love him. I love being married. It’s been the best year. Zach has surprised me in so many ways. He is the ultimate man. He is pretty amazing, kind, smart, funny, and so so good to me. I love having a home and Mal with him. I love having him to tell stories to about my job when I come home at night. I love everything about being married to him.
*Friends. My friends are so good to me. I can count on them for support and advice. I can occassionally look for a break from the ordinary with a movie night, a Starbucks stop, a poker game, a game night, or a simple phone call.
*Hot chocolate
*Christmas Music
*Going to Church on Sunday
*Lie to Me, Damages, and Burn Notice (Netflix)
*Good Books to Read
*Fresh Air
*Cars that get us to and from work (some that barely do that).
*Warm Food
*The sounds of machines cleaning my clothes or dishes
*Getting fun mail
*Randy Travis
*Board Games
*A Hand to Hold
*Sparkling Cider (just because)
*Sunday Naps
*Our monthly Idaho Pizza date
*My Callings
*My health
*A body that keeps me able
Happy Thanksgiving!