What did you do with your snow day?
It’s a snow day here in Idaho.
A real “no school” snow day.
After finding out (via Mike and Kate) that I had no school
After I had showered and was getting ready for work (by getting ready I mean I was up…not doing much else, but you get the idea)
*Massive MASSIVE break down of our emergency phone tree*
I texted one of the ladies from my 4th grade team
I love her like another mom
She informed me that we had no school
She then sent a text that said something like this:
“This is Mal’s first official snow day, too. You have to take him out to play in it. My dogs love it!”
And so, even though I’m much more of a summer person–I did.
I took Mal out with me while I shoveled our driveway (while my cocoa motion worked me up a nice warm cup of Gingerbread hot cocoa)
Mal slid and jumped around
I laughed at him a lot.
After I finished shoveling-I played with him for just the tiniest amount of time.
I think he was satisfied, doesn’t he look happy to you?
I love having Mal. He gave me a reason to get out and get in the snow if only for a second or two (literally). I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. I dislike the cold.
But we’ve had a great day Mal and I.
Today we also:
Cuddled on the couch and watched Letters to God on Netflix. I cried.
We cuddled while I read.
We went back to sleep after we found out that Zach and my mom made it to work okay.
I worked out (my Pilates video:) Mal watched.
I did two loads of laundry. Mal watched.
Now Mal is curled up by my feet, I have the fireplace going, I’m getting ready to feed myself (I worked hard today: Pilates, snow shoveling, and snow playing), and watch a few episodes of Friends before getting to work and cleaning my house.
By the time Zach gets home I should have had the perfect snow day.
Just enough work, relaxation, and play.

What did you do with your snow day?