>Yes, I did just welcome myself home. I have so much to blog about.
Our trip to Georgia for Christmas.
A list of my 1sts this holiday season.
Seeing the former love of my life for the first time since he actually was the love of my life. Oh you know I need to blog about that.

My goals for 2011.

But for now, I have to tell you about my welcome home.

Not even 12 hours after being home from our trip I:
*Was informed of a funeral that I very much needed to attend, but the reality of it kept me up most of Wednesday night before the funeral.
*Was yelled at by my grouchy, mean, old next door neighbor about our mailbox stand needing to be fixed…never mind I seriously hadn’t been home 12 hours, was having car trouble, and was
dressed for a funeral. AWESOME.
*Had to deal with a truck that wouldn’t start on my way to the funeral.

That was my welcome home.

On an upside. As tragic as this funeral was it was a beautiful service. Normally I hate it when people say that, but it’s true. It was very tastefully done. I was inspired. I was left wanting to be such a better person. I thought I would kick off the new year with the one thing that hit me the most from the service.

This man who passed away was tragically young. He had a family he left behind, brothers, a sister, kids, and a wife. He lived a good life. He served faithfully in his callings. (I didn’t know him all that well, his wife was a huge inspiration in my life, though). He died of cancer and apparently did so with dignity. He was a good good man. The closing hymn at the funeral was sung by the priesthood holders from his ward. They all got up and sang “Called to Serve.” The closing song at a funeral. I’ve never seen that done before. I got home and told Zach, I’ve never looked at death like that…as being called to serve in a different capacity. WOW! It really hit home to me. It left me strangely comforted. I have a testimony that our Heavenly Father takes us when our mission in life is over and when He needs us to complete a different mission. I know that it is all in our Heavenly Father’s hands and He knows best. Click here to hear the song.