This is the year that I will:
**Get much better at reading my scriptures and saying my prayers every day
**Lose 15-20 pounds…and possibly win the biggest loser contest at work this time around
**Budget money better
**Be better prepared with meals. Zach and I will not be eating dinner together until Friday night. During the week I am planning on freezing meals so that I can have them ready quickly and send him to class with them at night.
**Start a new hobby thanks to inspiration from my sister-in-law…making jewelry
**Be prepared (food storage, savings, put my mind at ease..etc..)
**Take care of myself

This year I will not:
**Eat fast food (Zach and I are doing this together and we’ve made one exception. We will absolutely have McDonald’s on our anniversary.)
**Gossip or talk badly…as much
**Drink soda (with the exception of our monthly Idaho Pizza/root beer/Netflix date)
I freaking love being married

I digress.

I love the new year too. I love the feeling of a fresh start. I never feel overwhelmed with my resolutions, but I feel hopeful. Even if I don’t meet ALL of my goals…working towards them gets me closer…and that will make me a better person by the end of 2011, right? And that’s the best part about the new year.

Bring on 2011!

p.s. Something else I’m looking forward to in 2011? Playing with my best friend’s little girl. She will be here in May. I am VERY excited to watch her (right Misty?). I’m very excited to SEE her–I want to see what she will look like! I’m very excited to see Misty be a mom! So much to look forward to!