Mom and I started another season last night. Here are a few of my thoughts:
*Madison ANNOYS the hell out of me!
*I am in love with Emily. She is absolutely gorgeous…not often do you hear me say that about a blonde..
*I like both Ashleys…I like the southern Ashley better than dentist Ashley, though.
*There are a few others I like–but don’t know their names yet.
*I wasn’t too impressed with Brad’s options…
*I was very unimpressed with every girl being caught up on him leaving two girls standing at the end of his first season. What is the big concern? No matter what you are left with the possibility of being alone. Does it make your heartbreak any worse if he leaves two of you instead of just you? I think not. Plus, I’d actually trust the guy more. Those are just my thoughts.
*Basically, I like Brad. I am looking forward to this season.