Will it always be this way?
If it will how do I: a). accept this reality b). deal with it?

I am not answering this week. You are.
Pretty please.

Okay so here’s the deal.
Works full time.
Goes to school full time.
3 nights a week.D
Doesn’t get home until after 10.

Work full time.
I teach the after school program 2-3 nights a week.
This means I work 10 hour days 2-3 nights a week.
You should note that that is the time I am TEACHING. Not the time I am working late planning, grading, organizing, etc…I put it a lot of extra time for work. I’m not an extraordinary teacher, I seriously have to put in the time I do or I might die.
I have a book study on 2 Monday nights a month at school. For college credit.
I do my ward missionary work on Tuesday nights.
I attend mutual on Wednesday nights.
I was just informed that camp director also means sports director…so now I coach volleyball on Saturday mornings.

I only eat dinner with my husband on Friday/Saturday nights.
Like a sit down at the table and talk dinner.

Zach just got a new job. Like a month ago (Yipee).
He now has weekends off.
So here I was thinking.
Oh we can enjoy our Saturdays together.
We can go to the ice festival in McCall.
We can feed the elk in Donnelly.

I am busy all winter on Saturdays.
It’s like 9 weeks but still.
I honestly want to cry.
Like throw a fit and cry.

I like my husband.
I genuinely love spending time with him.

We’re newlyweds. This is supposed to be the time we’re supposed to enjoy it “just the two of us.”
We do.
I love spending time with him.
I enjoy every minute.
But there aren’t enough minutes.

I know that everyone who loves spending time with a person..be it a spouse or a kid says this.
But seriously.

Will it always be like this?
If it is…HELP!!
How can I maintain sanity.
How can I keep myself feeling giving and selfless instead of annoyed and pissed off that I am so busy ALL THE FREAKING TIME!
I seriously get really angry and annoyed about this…and if it’s never going to get better…I had better let it go.
Words of encouragement?
A smack in the head?
Any would be appreciated.

***Please note that I know lots of people work hard and harder than I do. I know that my job isn’t necessarily more difficult than yours. I am just saying that it’s a lot of work. I don’t mean to whine. I know how blessed I am. I seriously am looking for help in changing my perspective.