I am still looking for answers to my answer this.
Yes, I know I still need to blog about Christmas and other exciting things.
I know I still have pictures from 2010 to post.

Right now, though, I need to post about this:
In my own small way I feel like I make small contributions to society.
One of them is teaching my boys (my boy students) to be gentlemen.
They are still at a good age…they are willing to listen and they are oh so cute!
I tell them how much I appreciate a man who will hold the door open for me when I walk into the store.
I tell them how much I appreciate good manners.
Then I make them laugh and giggle when I tell them that I very seriously looked for that when I was dating.
I tell them how I would see if the boy/man would open my car door.
If he didn’t? He might as well not even bother paying for dinner.
All interest or possible interest would be lost.
Double points if he opens the door for me when I get out of the car.
Then I tell them how Zach still opens doors for me, and scrapes the frosty windows for me in the morning (even if he could still sleep for another hour), and how I just LOVE it.
They “ew” and “gross” and laugh.
In P.E. the teacher makes them line up in a boy line and a girl line.
I make the boys say, “Ladies first!” (with kindness:)
I make the girls say, “Thank you!”
And we walk out in our merry way.
Well today…
I was late picking them up from P.E.
I walk down the hall and I see one of my boys holding the door.
And out come my ladies.
A whole line of them.
And then the boys follow.
As it should be.

And I was as pleased as ever!
I made such a fuss over it.
I hope it is carved into their souls forever.

My small contribution…
about 13 possible gentleman.
What a rare gift these days, right?