Thoughts after last night:*I still cannot stand Madison…although she didn’t really do anything last night.
*I really can’t stand Michelle.
*I still adore Emily.
*Emily is absolutely STUNNING. I cannot get over it.
*I still really really like both Ashleys.
* I think I like (I CANNOT think of her name) she went on the Pretty Woman date last night…although I think she sang to Brad the first night…I still think I like her…and she’s pretty.
*I think I like Shawntel or Shawntal? However you spell it.
*Brad is my favorite bachelor…he’s the smartest one I’ve seen thus far…he sent the two cat fighters home!
*How embarrassing was the girl who got sent home and then told how she was the worlds worst dater…
she dates men at work, that doesn’t work out
she dates men her friends hook her up with …that doesn’t work out
she online dates…that doesn’t work out
the Bachelor was kind of her “last ditch effort.”
I’m going to compete with 30 other beautiful women for ONE desirable man?
Why would you leave your last chance to those kinds of odds?
And most of all, why would you share that???
I just don’t get it.
**I also kind of want to see Chantel in a bathing suit…she’s not quite as thin as most girls and I am just curious. I’m not criticizing her body, just sayin‘!
That about wraps up my thoughts from last night.