This is totally heartbreaking if you ask me.
Totally and completely.
This was a question on a reading test I gave my students today:
Has anyone ever disagreed with something you believe in? How did you react?

And here are 2 heartbreaking responses:
Yes. ##### disagrees with me when it comes to Santa. I gave ##### reasons that Santa was real. I told him/her my brother and I wanted Zhu-Zhu pets one Christmas. My mom didn’t go shopping before they sold out. It turns out, we got them that Christmas. ##### still insisted he wasn’t real. I got pretty mad and asked, “Then how come I got a Zhu-Zhu pets that Christmas?!” I was kind of mad.

Yes, people disagree with me because I believe in Santa. They say that your parents wrap presents and put Santa’s name on it. If you leave cookies and milk out for him, they say your parents eat the cookies and drink the milk.”

Do these not make you hurt to your very core? Maybe I’m a tad dramatic but I really did ache. My kids are so amazing.

And then this response was heartbreaking…for another reason:
I have never been disagreed with about my beliefs. I actually don’t talk about my believes. My mom says you shouldn’t. She says sometimes if you do, you’ll get made fun of. Only a few people know and understand my beliefs.

No comment.