As I’ve already mentioned…I am coaching the YW volleyball “team” for our ward.
This consists of 3 girls showing up from our ward and I have to ‘scout’ out 3 or more extras each week.

I had an experience this morning called: pissed off first thing in the church building

Wanna know why?
Read on:

Like I said, I have to scout out some additional girls.
Basically, I find girls and I ask them to play.
If you know me…I know nothing NOTHING about any sport besides basketball
and at that…I would never think to coach it. Not ever!
I don’t do sports.
Anyway, I do actually watch the girls from other wards playing and if I see one that looks good, I will ask her to play.
That is seriously the extent of my expertise.

Well apparently church volleyball is for women what church basketball is for the men.
I had no idea.
Our “ref” this morning is apparently a professional.
So when I had my girls…3 of mine and 3 from another ward…on the court, I was about to have us start.
The ref came over and started telling me random things that I really didn’t care about it’s CHURCH volleyball:
The court is regular sized so the girls who can’t serve very well can move up to this black line but if they can serve they need to stay back so as not to take advantage. Okay?

She then seriously started getting pissy with me. Seriously. For no reason at all.
She starts telling me that if I am rotating girls (which I’m not…I ONLY HAVE 6) and I’m borrowing girls from other wards I should never have my girls sub out. That would be unfair to have 26 girls playing
Remember how I have 6…3 of my own
and then not to have someone from my ward playing.
That would be wrong.
“If 36th ward is playing then you always need to have 36th ward out there if you’re recruiting girls.”

Then she said this: We’re all LDS here. We’re all honest.

At which point I would have said some not very LDS things had I not marched off in a huff after giving her a very dirty look.

The nerve.

First of all, it’s not like I was randomly choosing girls to add to our team to make us win. We only had three to begin with. We needed an extra 3 to make our team work.

Second of all, I don’t know enough about volleyball to try to cheat. If anything she gave me some good ideas. I am competitive after all.

So…thanks I guess.
And then some other thoughts that I will not share on here….
Good day all!