Thoughts on last night:-Madison actually redeemed herself before leaving…and she took out her fangs. Thank goodness.
-I still CANNOT STAND Michelle. I love Brad but when he commented that she can steal him away any night of the week…I began to seriously question his judgment there.
-I love Ashley S.
-I would have died on her date at the recording studio. No way. No way. I seriously cannot even sing a little bit and it took MONTHS for Zach to hear me sing…like goofy in the car…not real attempts. Anyway, it’s definitely not first date material for me.
-With that said…did you not LOVE how Brad sucked at singing but really went for it. Made me love him just a little bit. I really enjoyed watching that date. I laughed.
-I love Ashely S.
-I love Ashley H. but she only gets one mention this week
-I love and adore Emily.
-I cannot stop staring at Emily. She is absolutely GORGEOUS!
-I loved the girl who said, “So nobody hates Emily…awesome!” I laughed at that too.
-I’m curious to see Chantel’s stuff next week…looked exciting.
-I like Shawntel/Shawntal? Too lazy to look it up (I don’t love her yet but I like her a fair amount).
-I also like Jackie a fair amount.
-I really am fond of Brad as the bachelor. I am LOVING this season…like I haven’t loved a season in a very long time.
Your thoughts?