Truth be Told..
a little idea for a regular blog I had. So you may see this every once in a while…It means Sharlee’s getting random stuff off her chest-When I curl my hair in the mornings (or to go out at night) I leave my curlers in until I’m one mile away from my destination. So I never actually no how I look when I leave the house. It’s this OCD thing I have with my curls falling out.
-I am a very tardy person. Most of you know this. Did you know that one huge reason I’m always tardy is because I honestly HATE to be early. Even if I’m ready, I will busy myself until I’m late…just so I won’t be early.
-I have an obsessive habit of hoarding things that I don’t have “back ups of” this is actually becoming a real problem for me. I get almost anxious over using something like a nice lotion if I don’t have another nice lotion to back up the lotion I use. I won’t use gift cards until I absolutely have to. I hoard soaps, lotions, fancy treats or foods, and I always keep ONE pair of a new sack of socks unworn just in case.
-Just in case what? I’m not sure exactly. Just in case we are really poor and I can’t buy new socks or nice lotions. Just in case I need something nice in an emergency situation? I have no idea what really started the whole thing but it’s very strange and it is truly getting worse.
-I can’t have more than 100 messages in any inbox.
-I can’t stand having unread messages.
-I laughed when Kira and Zach called Oprah the anti-Christ.
-I hate hanging laundry. I could fold all day, but I hate to hang it.
-I have a tendency to be lazy. VERY VERY lazy at times.
-I’m happy my husband is in school but I dread Sunday nights because I don’t see him all week.
-I’m ultra-ultra nosy.
-I like things clean and I tend to overreact when things are not clean. (Like the night when I was dusting for the umpeenth time–we have a little dust issue and I’m not sure what it is–and I started freaking out ad telling Zach that our house was absolutely unlivable.) Stuff like that. It’s totally irrational which brings me to this…
-I’m irrational. Do not try to argue against me using this as bait though. I will tell you that I know I am irrational and then I will tell you why every feeling I have is still valid. And I will win.
-My husband handles me PERFECTLY.
-I do not handle my husband perfectly at all.
-I get my feelings hurt probably easier than anyone you’ve ever met. Seriously…so so SO easily.
-I’m tough, though.
That’s about all. Do you have any confessions to share?