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I waited and waited anxiously all week for this movie.
The day finally came and I was just a tad disappointed.
In Hopkins? No. Not at all.
I love him.
He did an excellent job.
And if you didn’t know…I have a soft spot for Catholic priests. I love movies with them…don’t know what it is..and Anthony Hopkins as a Catholic priest was the best I could ask for…pretty sure about that.
I guess perhaps my expectations were a little too Emily Rose=a little too high.
I will not spoil anything. I promise that.
I just have to say that if the writers had somehow included Jodi Picoult in their screen writing,
or if Jodi had possibly written this as a novel.
It would have been better.
I couldn’t stop thinking about the wondrous things that this movie could have been if Jodi had been included.
So Misty, when you see this movie (and I don’t necessarily think you should until after Grace:) I want you to think about Jodi and tell me I’m correct.
That goes for any other hard core Jodi fans. You can tell me I’m right anytime as well! :)
As not-so-scary as this movie was.
I have a fear of possession.
I think that I know better than to see movies like this and so I always fear I will be punished somehow.
So I still get a tad freaked out for a few days.
I warned Zach that this would happen.
When we went to bed last night Zach couldn’t sleep and he was going to read.
Normally, he reads with a mini-flashlight (Christmas gift from Nana and Granddad and it’s so cute that he uses it) in our bed.
Normally I don’t mind because we don’t see each other during the week much and I like him next to me even if he is reading and I am sleeping. Yes, I am cheesy like that.
But last night I was tired. And I knew I would have all weekend with him.
So I asked him to go read in the living room.
As I drifted off into sleep. I started having weird/crazy dreams.
**I really am affected by any type of remotely graphic image because I don’t see them that often.**
So twenty minutes after pretty much kicking Zach out of the room, I hollered out to him, “Zach! I’m scared!”
And he came back in. And put his hand on my leg. And read his book with his little flashlight.
So basically on a side note…I have no idea how I got so incredibly incredibly lucky.
I love him.