Just a few thoughts I’m having.
I’m THRILLED that this is the last day of January.
I had a great weekend.
I am so proud of my country music.
I’m honestly elitist about it.
If you disagree perhaps you should just take a listen here.
If that song doesn’t bring tears to your eyes or give you chills…I don’t know what will.
I’m mildly obsessed with this song right now.
I embarrassed myself at Aleisha and Richard’s the other night and I just need to vent it off.
First of all, I swore in their house.
I feel horrible about this.
I swear sometimes.
I’m honestly okay with this…I do NOT have a foul mouth.
But I have respect for people who really don’t.
I shouldn’t have done that.
I also was telling a story for comical value about Zach, a Guiness shirt, and a story at Misty’s house on Saturday night.
I got worked up.
Because it’s me.
And it’s alcohol.
But it was a story I was telling for comic value.
Well…I’m my mother’s daughter
It appears that I may have gotten a little too worked up about it.
And I was being regarded in maybe a little too much seriousness.
As in…I was taken maybe a little too seriously.
Because I get worked up.
Perhaps I got a marriage counseling seminar.
The reality of it all is that I adore my husband.
And I am getting better at laughing at things he does.
But I am also extremely expressive.
And I am also my grandmother’s granddaughter.
And I do not apologize for that.
If I stand somewhere. I don’t budge.
And that’s okay, too.
And sometimes I’m misread.
And when I’m misread and someone starts talking nicely to me…
Sometimes (okay all the time), I start crying.
And that’s what happened.
And I’m embarrassed about it.
I’ve been fretting about it all day.
But I feel better now that I’ve aired it all out.
Sorry again Aleisha.
I’m sick.
I’m getting ready to go to my mom’s to watch The Bachelor.
I’m excited.
I have an exciting book that I’m reading.
I will share it on here when I’m done.
I’m teaching myself how to create things on my blog.
Be patient with me as I continue to rearrange things.
I drank orange juice in a wine glass while taking a bath tonight.
I was feeling ill and that made me feel fancy.
I read my book, too.
Stay tuned for the Bachelor thoughts tomorrow!
p.s. I know The Bachelor isn’t real…it’s a guilty pleasure :)
Take that back. Not guilty. It’s just a pleasure.
I don’t feel one bit bad about watching it.
Not one bit.