Thoughts this week:
Like I said to my mom last night. I want to be like Emily when I grow up.
She is beautiful and so gracious.
How well did she handle the NASCAR date?
And without making a scene and begging for Brad’s attention.
Which ended up giving her “too much” attention.
According to the girls.
Who need to grow up.
And Allie needs to go home.
She’s insane.
Her seductive manipulation with the tie-tugging and lap-sitting
and whispering and kissing.
Gag me!
And Brad fell for it.
Which made me sad.
She needs to go.
I was somewhat sad to see Ashley H. stay.
I was disappointed in Ashley’s total breakdown over going home.
Have a little dignity for crying out loud.
Didn’t your mother teach you anything?
I was also sad to hear quotes like,
“I just never thought it would be me and Ashley.”
Now that’s some deep thinking.
I laughed.
I like Chantel.
I loved the shopping spree date.
I bet a million trillion dollars though that I would never allow anyone to spend $5,000 on a purse for me.
Especially a purse that I wouldn’t buy at Big Lots.
I don’t have designer taste.
But I do have decent taste.
Give me a shopping spree somewhere else I guess.
I think the previews make me nervous and excited.
Did it look like he was hugging Emily goodbye and bawling to anyone else.
I am dying.
Gotta see what happens.
And Michelle has definitely got to go.
Anyone else think Brad will pull a Jake? She is the Vienna of the group.