Well, we have a trip to Hawaii to pay for.
So I didn’t want much for Valentine’s day.
I came home the other night and told Zach that these are what I wanted.

I need new curlers…like 2 years ago.
They are clean, cute, and just pink enough to pass as Valentine’s day gift.
Also, I am a practical gift person.
Even better if the practical gift is thoughtful.
I.E. Mom giving me OLAY Quench and new razors as my “end of school year gift”
Knowing I’d be wanting to keep my legs silky smooth.
Thoughtful. Because razors and lotions and keeping my legs smooth is very me.
But also practical. I will use it.
This is probably a topic I could blog about all on it’s own.
I digress.
I have changed my mind for Valentine’s day.
What I really want?
I really want Zach to finish all of his homework.
We will be celebrating Valentine’s day the weekend after the day.
I want all of his homework done.
And I want to climb in bed on Friday night
(not in a dirty way)
and I want to spend the ENTIRE weekend with my husband.
I miss him.
Here’s the deal:
He is in class until 10 or later three nights a week.
And EVERY night…class or not…he’s doing homework until after I’ve fallen asleep.
Gone are the days of a movie while cuddling on the couch.
Gone are the days of going to sleep at the same time together and cuddling to sleep.
Sure, he wakes me up and cuddles me when he climbs in but it’s not the same.
I was spoiled.
And I want my husband back.
That’s what I want for Valentine’s day.
And then I’ll probably cry on Sunday night when it’s all over.