What’s the best nap you’ve ever taken?
I was reminiscing about the best nap I’ve ever taken and this episode of Friends the other day and I decided it needed to be an Answer This post.
The best nap I’ve ever taken was truthfully on the ‘Love Bed”
I was a little less than a month away from getting married.
Meaning it was still a little early in the school year.
And I was staying up WAAAYYY to late with my soon-to-be-husband.
As saying goodnight was too difficult.
And so I was exhausted.
We had plans to attend the temple with Zach’s dad and Pati.
I came over and Pati was not home yet so I hung out at Zach’s.
The Love Bed was right there and so I just laid down on it.
The house was warm.
Zach got on the Love Bed with me and cuddled me.
We totally fell asleep unplanned.
We really hadn’t meant to.
We woke up when Kim and Pati came over.
And Zach’s arms were still wrapped around me.
And I didn’t want to leave.
And lucky for me, Pati totally said it was fine and she understood me being tired.
I know we should have gone to the temple.
That’s not the point of this post, though.
The point was, I was exhausted, the nap was not planned, it was just warm enough, and I had my fiance’s arms wrapped around me the entire time.
Best. Nap. Ever.
And I’m a napping addict.
I’d rather nap mid afternoon than sleep in.
I know how to nap.
And that was the best nap ever.
I still talk about it. Especially on those rare occasions where I’ll wake up and Zach will still be cuddling me. :)
Writing about this just made me smile.
Make yourself smile and tell me your story.