I just read such a better post about this week’s episode and I’m feeling at a loss for words.
I have a few thoughts.
You should know that I was home yesterday with strep.
Wasn’t feeling 100% at all.
Still not.
So I didn’t pay as much attention to detail as I should.

Michelle is ridiculous crazy.
She needs to go home.
Seriously. Is Brad going to end up with her.
He just eats it up.
I loved that he told her to leave him alone.
I love how she acts like she’s just playing around and laughs it off when she’s giving him the witch eye for having a repelling group date.
And she has a big time potty mouth. Gross.
I love Chantel. I really do.
I thought that when they came out of the rain that fact that ALL Brad had were dress shirts for her to change into and no shorts or anything was interesting.
Yeah. Right.
Awfully convenient.
I think she’s it.
I still love Emily but I really don’t think they’ll end up together.
The rest is just. Blah.
I think the previews keep me more entertained than the actual episodes themselves.
Not looking forward to Chantel crying about the beach photo shoot/make out scene.
This may be seriously problematic.
Next week I believe I am just going to post all of the funny things my mom says while we watch this. That’s all I’ll post and it will be FAR better than my own posts :)