Dear Shane,
I love you so freakin’ much! I feel so blessed to be your older sister. I am so grateful it’s been “just the two of us.” I am ever so grateful that I was so lucky to get a brother like you.

You can make me laugh like nobody else can. Yes, you are hilarious. I think there’s just this part of me that is wired into your sense of humor. When you were serving your mission I honestly (dramatic as it may be) felt like I was missing a part of myself. I remember you coming home. I distinctly remember laughing from my gut for the first time when you got back and something came back alive. I had sorely missed laughing with you.

You’ve taught me a lot about ‘boys” even though I still think YOU are the one with a lot to learn. You helped me get into basketball and I miss that. I hope our son will play ball and his uncle will get to teach him.

I love that we are so incredibly different (Zach says I stole all the class and you got whatever good stuff was left :) If I said that to your face and then smiled, you would come over and squeeze my cheeks and say, “You think that’s funny huh? Well you’re going to have to apologize. I know that and just thinking about it makes me laugh. We are different but we share so much. We both love Grandma the same and we both miss her. Just the other day I told you that I had an I miss Grandma moment and your response was, “Yeah. I had one of those the other day.” I love that about us. I love that we have those memories of Grandma’s house and playing make believe together. I love the games that we made up. I love everything about my childhood with you. It was so rich and I can’t think of a better friend to share that with.

We both know how dumb mom and dad can be…and you know what I mean when I say dumb. It’s not really dumb. We also know exactly what makes each one of them amazing. We will back each other up when it comes to the parents…usually. All I have to say is: hanger incident. I love you so much for backing me up.

We both understand that Michael Jackson is awesome, mom looks like Oprah, and Will looks like Jim Carey–especially in Liar Liar. We both know what an awesome movie Liar Liar is and we still quote it. We experienced the beauty of Latter-Day Night Live together. Funny though, that never would have happened if it hadn’t been for me trying to piss you off by buying it in the first place.

We know the amazing moment of Hymfir in the car on the way home from Utah. We know exactly how to team up to make mom mad or to make dad look gay. We know that Ross is the best character on Friends. We agree on the funniest lines and the best episodes. We know that the Alec Baldwin episode is hilarious. We know all of the best parts of every vacation we’ve ever been on. We can easily recall the three day journey to seeing Levi off to Iraq.

We remember Cara and Will’s funniest moments ever. “I’m Troy Aikman…and I throw interceptions.” Cara singing in the driveway even though nobody is listening. “You’re in the line of fire!” “Stick a fork in it’s eye!” Of course there are millions more but to just name a few. Hahaha. I’m laughing so hard.

You know that I will more likely answer to Ham or Fat Cow than Shar. You have promised to tell me if I am starting to look like I’m about to hit XXX pounds. We have that kind of thing.

I love you so much, Shane. I cannot imagine my life without you in it. And even though you annoy me when I’m trying to watch my show I love so many things about you. Things that make you better than me. I will never forget things like the way you were always so nice to me when I would come home from work or school when I got older. “Hi Shar!” Even though I was pissy, I’m sorry about that. I will never forget your happy attitude in the mornings and me being so pissy. I won’t forget how you called me at work at the Y after I went on a date just to see how it went, even though you didn’t like the guy. I remember how kind you were to me on my graduation day. I remember you insisting on talking to Zach on Christmas before you came home because he was your brother-in-law even though you had never met him. I remember the nice things you said to him, they are making me cry just thinking about it. I love how you get along with him.
I love you! We’re different. But we’re the best kind of siblings. We are friends. You are the best brother and I love you forever!

Er Ham