I love Valentine’s Day. Always have.
Probably has something to do with my wild infatuation with love.
And my wonderful mother who always made this day about telling people you love, you love them.
Pretty simple. One of my favorite things to do.
So I have never hated this day.
Even when I was single.
Even when I was single and had recently had my heartbroken…
(recently as in 5 months prior but still…I was broken nonetheless)
and that Valentine’s day was amazing because Misty came to bowling class with a choc. chip muffin for me and a book about love written by one of the RENT characters.
Well about RENT but RENT is about love.
Years following I was still single. Mom still gave me stuff.
And Jonnie and his mom would give me things and Jonnie would write me notes like:
“Someday there will be a lucky guy who’s lucky enough to be giving you a Valentine’s Day gift but until then, I feel honored to be the one to do it.”
How could I ever hate this day.
I’ve been abundantly blessed.
Still am.
I’ve got lots of love in my life.
Here are a few examples:
*A kiss goodbye every morning. Followed by a “See you tonight!” and a “Can’t wait!”
*Spooning to sleep
*Laughing at dinner with friends
*Laughing at my brother until my sides hurt
*Kneeling in prayer with my family every Sunday night
*Dinner cooked for all of us and enjoyed together at Mom’s every Sunday
*Cuddling with Mal on the couch
*The Bachelor on Mondays with Mom
*Using Zach’s body wash so I can smell him during the day (sshh…don’t tell him)
*Phone calls, texts, and emails all day from people I love
*Students who have spoiled me with gifts today.
*Boys who brought me Valentine’s
*My students light my day most days
*Game nights with friends
*The thought of seeing a “scary” movie with Misty
*Planning for Grace’s arrival
*Kissing my grandpa on the forehead

My life is full of love. I am abundantly blessed and my life is very rich.
For this, I am so grateful.
I am so grateful to share my love with those that are still here to share it with.
What a blessing.
Happy Valentine’s Day!