*Got rid of Britt. I had nothin’ against the girl but why was she still hanging out?
I didn’t really understand that and their date? Awkward!
Michelle FINALLY left. Good grief.
I am so relieved. I really thought we might have had another Jake/Vienna on our hands.
Luckily, Brad is slightly smarter than that.
I say slightly because let’s be honest…
what guy actually thinks doing a photo shoot–without warning–for Sports Illustrated is a good idea for a group date?
A pig guy. To answer my own question.
Kill me now.
I would have hated that date.
1. I’m not taking photographs in a bathing suit at this point.
2. Mental preparedness is a very big thing for me
3. I am against the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition in general.
4. I would have definitely gone off on men being pigs and would have been the one sent home after this date…ESPECIALLY after my “date” makes out in the sand with the biggest sleaze of all the women.

So Brad sent Michelle home and that wins him only some respect.
For he is dumb.
I also finally got to see Chantel in a swimsuit.
Isn’t it funny how I just told you I’m anti-the swimsuit edition yet I have a picture on here and I linked to it? I think it is, too.

photo found here
But here’s the thing. I was hoping Chantel in a swimsuit would make me feel better or give me some sort of inspiration and on some level it did. But not as I had hoped.
1. I would definitely need a boob job.
2. I definitely need to work harder than I am right now.
I love her.
She was self-concious and I loved her for that.
She was gorgeous!
She is the most normal looking girl I have ever seen on The Bachelorette.
Although, my brother did walk into the room when Chantel was in her suit and the first words out of my brother’s mouth–and I could have told you they were coming–“She’s fat!”
I think she’s gorgeous.
I enjoyed the Michelle going home part the most.
I am anxious to see how the home dates go.

Who do you think is next to go home?
My hopes are on Shawntel but I’m also still waiting for something dramatic to happen with my beloved Emily.
And if you didn’t know…I’m all about Chantel these days.
I love her.