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Truth be Told:
*I read somewhere that you are supposed to replace your razor after 5 uses.
I think I go over at least ten times that if not more.
Lucky for me I have smooth skin and it doesn’t really make a difference.
*I don’t like fancy food. I have decided this. Idaho Pizza, Chicken Critters from Texas Roadhouse, and Kraft Mac and Cheese makes me happy. I need a restaurant with chicken strips on the menu.
*Kids are better than adults. Always.
*My mom needs to teach a parenting class.
*Misty needs to teach a step-parenting class.
*Everyone needs to read We Need to Talk About Kevin
*I need to relax a little more.
And this just in.
Truth be Told:
Some families are blessings. Others are curses.
Fortunately my family is a blessing.
Unfortunately, I’m a little too close for comfort to the latter in other areas of my life.
I guess you win big some…you loose big some.
And I know some real big losers.