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Was wonderful….
A recap:
On Friday Zach came home and I attempted to spoil him with some of his favorite things.
I had cran-apple sparkling cider
Homeade General’s Chicken
Steamed Rice
Served with chopsticks
and for dessert we had brownies and cookie dough ice cream.
Zach’s very favorite dessert is banana bread and I made that for him on Tuesday.
Week-long Valentine’s celebration.
Volleyball at the church…Zach worked on homework.
I came home.
We napped.
Zach surprised me with dinner reservations at The Sandbar in Marsing.
I’ve been wanting to go there since I started teaching in Caldwell and I first heard about it.
We deemed it “okay.”
So cute of him though.
Home and a movie–Netflix The Pelican Brief. Old. We’d never seen it. We liked it a lot.
Sleep in.
I helped Zach teach his primary class. Any excuse to spend more time with Zach=I’m definitely down.
I went to see my mom teach the young women.
She did an excellent job.
We hung out and ate dinner and had our spiritual thought at Mom’s.
Then we headed to Payette to play games with Cody and Lisa.
We were planning to play Settlers.
We ended up playing The Newlywed game.
This time was MUCH better.
Zach and I won one game and tied the other.
Cody made us a certificate :)
We laughed a lot.
We slept in. Beautiful!
I made Zach breakfast before he left for a four-hour work day.
I was productive in his absence: cleaned house and worked on Personal Progress
When Zach came home we attended our very first rally together.
We rallied against Tom Luna’s proposal for education reform.
It was our first rally ever.
Together or separate.
It was kind of exciting.
We didn’t bring signs.
But we cheered.
And clapped.
And listened to some amazing speeches.
Speeches that encouraged all of us to write to our Senators and bring our case and reasons to light.
Do it! (Yes, I’m talking to you!!)
Then we went home and took Mal for a walk and gave him some treats
–it was his birthday after all)
Last of all, we went to my mom’s where Zach enjoyed the first Bachelor episode of the season with me (more on that later).
We were joined by Shane, Kylie, and Kylie’s mom.
It was a great night!
A wonderful weekend.
I am so blessed!