Thoughts on the women tell all:

*Who is Stacey, I don’t even remember her?
I do know that her hair looked greasy. She looks trashy.
And why did she think she was in any place to bad mouth Michelle.
*Jackie? I’m sorry I ever liked her. What a mouth. And an annoying mouth at that.
Shut up girls!
*Did you feel sorry for Michelle? I’m still unsure, but there comes a time when enough is enough.
*I don’t like Ashley H.’s “new” look. Even though she went back to brunette.
If you’re a natural brunette and you leave. You really aren’t welcome back.
*I think tonight just solidified my thoughts. It’s Emily. He told her he loved her last week. He had a stronger southern drawl and he said “Mercy!” Twice. He’s spending LOTS of time with Emily.
*I am okay with the choice of Emily. I’ve loved her from the start. However, I love Chantel.
*Brad is still my favorite bachelor. He is the only one to pick my two favorites at the very end.
Which will make for a painful viewing.
But I’m so looking forward.
What were your thoughts?