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Why I’m more Southern than my husband:
1. I am more country. I like country music. Like it like A LOT! So much. I am an elitist about it. It’s the best kind of music. Zach likes country okay. Just okay. He’ll listen to it with me and he’ll belt out a tune or two with me in the car. Especially if it’s old country.
2. I love peaches. Zach hates them. Zach is from Georgia. This does not make sense.
3. I like grits. I had never tasted them until I went to visit Zach’s family for the fist time. Warren-G made me some grits for breakfast my first morning there and I fell in love. I also fell in love with Warren G (I hope it’s still okay for me to call him that.) I’m quite obsessed with him. Apparently, I like grits “Yankee style” though. I like them with sugar and not cheese/salt/pepper. Oh well, I like them. I get them for breakfast when we go out. Zach gives me his side of grits if he gets it. He does NOT like it.
4. I love the heat. I could live in the heat all of the freakin‘ time! Seriously. LOVE IT! I don’t love the humidity but I like it warm. Zach is not so much a fan of the warm.
5. If I grew up in a Georgia town I would have been all about the honky tonks. You know, like the one in Hope Floats. Where EVERYONE wears a cowboy hat and you line dance and everyone knows everyone. Those. My dream is to hang out in a place like that and Zach has promised to take me to one…some day. Not like the Shorty’s or Buffalo Club we have here. No, a real honky tonk. Apparently Zach spent his high school days going to raves? Seriously? Seriously Zach? I am SOOOOOOO much more Southern than you!

And that’s why you married me.
I can bring back some Southern to your life.
And we can have Southern babies. They will be more Southern than either one of us…and I am definitely okay with that!