Also known as other people’s bad habits that I cannot stand
Today on my way in to work I came across one of my biggest pet peeves
TWICE!!!! So this is what you get today. A list of my pet peeves
1. Cops….(Traffic Cops) Waiting, lurking actually, beside buildings on routes that people,
namely myself… take to work. Just waiting for a screw up and a chance
to write a ticket !! This act then ruins the individuals day and possibly next 3 years
due to insurance cost. I find this line of work similar to a snake.
2. People who do not tip or give a decent tip in a restaurant. Don’t eat out if you think
you are entitled to keep the tip. Freaking greedy people !!!!
3. Rude people in CHURCH… oh man does anything more need to be said of that?
4. Dirty dishes in the sink. Seriously in today’s world… the dishwasher is right next to
the #%$^ sink!!
5. People who think that they can make a mess in the cafeteria ,break room at work,restaurant, public restroom or church because they don’t have to clean it up. Oh man CLEAN UP after yourself!!!
For heaven sake use the motto “Clean up after yourself “in all walks of your life !!!
6. People talking on cell phones in movies.. Cell phones ringing in a funeral.. (yes this actually happened last Saturday as a matter of fact) ,, Taking a cell phone call right in the middle of a
Live conversation with a person right in front of you!!!
7. People who do not know or care one bit about me .. having opinions on the way I live, my religion, my kids, my marriage, my weight anything about me.. You don’t like me so quit paying attention to what I do.. for !#@$# sake. This also goes for people who do this to members of my family. If you don’t know the whole picture and don’t care enough to- then
your ideas and opinions are invalid.. and DON’T state them to me or to other people whowill eventually regurgitate it back to me.. because then we run into the other pet peeve again.. RUDENESS. And then I want to Be RUDE as well and yes I am sometimes which also makes me peeved.. allowing rude people to make me a rude person. Control yourself and I am speaking to myself here as well.
8. Laundry …… I am definitely not my mother’s daughter when it comes to this. I despise it. everything about it. Loading it , folding it, hanging it, putting it away.. having to redo things
when the stain doesn’t come out.. oh man that one will put me right on the brink.
9. Darkness in the daytime.. oh man nothing sends me over more. Turn on the lights open the blinds it is DAYTIME.. Do not sit in your house, your desk, the basement or bedroom in the dark. Freaking creepy .. Darkness is for movie theatres, sleeping and HELL!!
10. Excuses. Oh dear wow this one send me too. The excuse maker nothing is ever their fault. Everything they do is caused by someone or something other than themselves. Jeez own your mistakes as well as your achievements. Life is in your own control.. It is not someone else’s fault you a. Don’t go to Church b. Were late for work c. Didn’t get your homework done d. Fooled around on your spouse. e. Are fat , sad, miserable, in debt, negative etc.. Seriously own up.. and move on !!!
11. Did I mention COPS!!!! Number one pet peeve.. NUMBER 1…

I know that many of my habits are other’s pet peeves and I am aware of this. Today is my turn to talk so you get my side of the coin.
Now it is yours.. I would love to see comments from you on this one. I like to compare. .:)