First of all, my blog is starting to become a mom and daughter show.
The only comments are coming from my mom.
And then my mom posts and only Misty comments.
I know I have more readers than that…so answer my mom’s questions dang it!

Now, I happened to find my mom’s post on pet peeves incredibly funny.
I don’t find my mom as funny as other people do most of the time.
But I laughed and laughed at this.
At her rudeness pet peeve.
At her darkness pet peeve (laughed out loud, all alone, for several minutes)
At her excuse maker pet peeve.
I love my mom and I laughed a lot.
It is in part because I can here her saying these things, but still,
Isn’t she a riot?!
And I was impressed my mom was able to blog it all on her own.
I made her an author this week.
And I surely thought she’d struggle.
She still can’t figure out how to use the remote for Direct T.V.

Anyway, I laughed at my mom.
You can read VERY similar posts by me
here (I cannot stand having dishes in the sink.)
here ( I cannot stand excuse makers.)
here (Snotty Mormons and women, which women were definitely who my mom was implying when talking about rudeness at church and other places…mostly women– of that I’m pretty sure. Mom and I aren’t big fans of the female gender as a whole.)
here (I CANNOT STAND cops)
and you can read this exact sentence:
“Thank you for making me a little OCD about needing to open windows, turn on lights, and tidy up!”
in a letter to my mom here.

And that’s why, as much as I want a son, some day I need to have a daughter.
So that she can take all of my very opinionated principles and carry them on.
Love you, Mom!