What are some of the first things you plan on doing in the next life?
I know this seems like a morbid question, but really I intend for this to be a positive look AHEAD. In the far distant future.
I had just been thinking about this the other day.

The first thing I will do is give both of my Grandma’s a hug.
I will talk to them and hug them and laugh with them…maybe? :)
I will meet my Great Grandma.
I will find others that have passed on.
I will then search for Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson, and any others that I have always wanted to meet.
I will ask questions
Like why do women have body image issues/insecurities?
and Why onions?
and Did I pick my mom?
and questions of the like.

And then…because I will be in practically perfect form at this time (which I interpret to mean that maybe I’ll have talents I currently don’t have. If this is untrue I am in for a MAJOR disappointment because I’ve got big plans.)

I am going to belt out “Fancy” from the top of my lungs.
In a live concert.
For those who love me.

That’s what I plan on doing.

What do you plan on doing?