I wish I were this cute right now.

On the contrary. I am SOOOOO not.
So…spring break starts for me on Friday.
And I have a few things going on.
A baby shower to throw :)
A hair appointment to go to.
And a personal training appointment with my uncle. (We’ll try this…again. And see.)
That is my Friday-Tuesday of next week.

So about this time next week I’m going into hiding.
I am on my own hiatus.
I am not doing anything I don’t want to do.
I’m not talking to anyone I don’t want to talk to.
I may not even go to church on Wednesday night.
The only people I will be speaking to are Zach, my mom, and Misty.
Possibly a few others but those are the for sures.
Until I somehow can:
a.) Actually sleep for six straight hours
b.) Not want to bite off the head of EVERY SINGLE person I talk to that day
c.) Not be on the verge of tears for my entire 10+ hour workday.
p.s. That’s a LONG time to try and keep me from crying.

I know I’ve said it before but I’ve had my fill.
Had it.
I’m done.
And I cannot wait to exclude myself from the every day world as of this time next week.

P.S. S. On a positive note. I found this quote today. Something I have been thinking about lately I guess you could say and I thought I would share it. It goes with the 13th Article of Faith

“In a world that is blurring morals and lines between right and wrong, the Lord’s standards are clear. There are no gray areas. We don’t believe in being partway honest. We don’t believe in being chaste only when we want to. The 13th Article of Faith makes it clear what we believe. The difference between righteousness and wickedness is black and white.”