This is one of my favorite songs and at one time it was just a horrific reminder of my serious lack of singing talent.
In the 8th grade I was required to take General Music for a music credit because of course I didn’t belong in Choir and I didn’t play an instrument. So the choir teacher taught this class and he had a horrendous sadistic streak now that I think of it. Anyway we had assignments to sing the scale and hit certain notes in class and he would call on us to do so in front of everyone. Everytime it was my turn it felt as though all the blood in my body went to my feet. To add insult to injury after I would take my turn he would proceed to tell me that my voice would curdle a cows milk yadayadayada. This was at the time the most traumatic thing ever -yet I still had to stay in class. Our year end assignment was to learn the song -The Answer is Blowing in the Wind and then sing it with the group. This group by the way was also equally handicapped.
But, we persevered and learned it and for the longest time I could almost carry it within a range that didn’t send a person screaming.
I forgot about this song ..
Then I had Sharlee and the poor thing did not have a lullaby singing mom. So I would rock her and sing the only song I ever tried to pull off. And guess what? It worked!!! She would go to sleep to this song and when she was a little older she would ask me to sing the “Wind Song’.
So I saved this little ammunition up and used it on Shane as well and guess what? He loved to hear the “Bwoin in the Wind ” song too. :). So for several years I felt as though I could sing as well as Mary (as in Peter Paul and Mary). This took away all the trauma from the 8th grade and instead gave me the best memory ever.
This is what kids will do for you.
This and so very much more. I love music. I wish I could sing and much as I hate to admit it
I will turn up the radio when I am alone and sing out loud all by myself just like I can sing like my children believed I could and I love every minute of it. I have no clue what an outsider would think of this but oh well.
So seriously sappy as this sounds I want to dedicate todays blog to my kids. Who have loved me unconditionally. Even when I couldn’t sew their pants up or make a craft project for their school without it looking as if I were in preschool and down the road loving me when I have made horrendous (actually in my own opinion close to unforgivable) mistakes and when I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.
They are the BEST thing that has or ever will happen to me.
and because of them I will continue to sing my songs..
How long will that be..?

The answer my friend is Blowing in the Wind the answer is Blowing in the Wind