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“If you ask me, music is the language of memory.”
-This would be an excerpt from the latest Jodi book, which I finished reading about two weeks ago.
It was…okay.

But I loved this quote.
And so I’ve decided to share some of my life’s soundtrack.
Which is why it’s kind of funny that my mom posted what she did on Friday.

“The Answer is Blowing in the Wind”–obviously, this song reminds me of my childhood and my mom. It makes me cry, really cry, to hear it now. And seriously, nobody can sing it as well as my mom.

“Bop” by Dan Seals. Mom and I used to dance to this song when I was little. I had a father daughter/dance at my wedding and I also planned for this to be my mom/daughter dance at my wedding. Mom and I got to dance to a portion of it. Someone cut in…it was okay, though.

“Kokomo” by the Beach Boys. Another song I sang with my mom all of the time.

“Love Shack”
-The B-52’s Brooke and I roller skated to this song just about every Saturday. We went to roller skating lessons at Skateworld. Does anyone remember Skateworld from back in the day? I had seriously an amazing childhood.

“She’s in Love with the Boy” Trisha Yearwood. This was the first song I really fell in love with by myself. It was the first cassette tape I ever got, it was a Christmas present. Zach and I walked into our reception to this song, also. So it has a lot of memories attached to it.

“One of Us” Joan Osborne. I had an obsession with this song in middle school. It was the first CD I ever got. Also a Christmas gift. I look back at this time in my life as a rather unfortunate time. I went through a period of time where I didn’t think country music was “cool.” Yes, I hate to admit it. Luckily, I quickly got over that and went back to my music.

“Queen of my Double Wide Trailer” Sammy Kershaw. This song reminds me very much of working at Sheplers. My very first job. One of the guys I worked with, loved this song. If the store was empty, we would usually sing it. :)

“Kody” Matchbox Twenty. This reminds me of my first few years of college. I fell in love with Matchbox Twenty. Really, any song by them would count as a memory. ANY song. I listened to them mostly when I was sad. I was going through a rough time at first. During this time, I have a very funny memory of being on a date with a boy that WOULD NOT leave me alone. I made him take me to Fred Meyer so I could buy the new Matchbox Twenty CD and listened to it in his car. I think Misty is the only one who appreciates that story. It was so gutsy and funny of me. Matchbox Twenty brings me back to so many places and so many emotions…The Lynch’s house while Misty broke up with Ryan on the phone, My Grandma’s house, my car—my little black Saturn and the drive every morning to Boise State. Wow, it actually makes me ache to think about.

Dave Matthews. I fell in love with the Dave Matthews solo album. I listened to this album non-stop for three months after my Grandma Marty passed away. I really sound depressing, but I assure you, it wasn’t that way. There is a beauty to sadness and a beauty to getting through it. In college, this was often how I got through it.

Jason Mraz songs remind me of Misty and me. They remind me of summer and floating the river. They remind me of us stopping and getting really unhealthy drive through food after a day on the river. College life. It was really beautiful.
These songs also remind me of the best concert I’ve ever attended. And the pink Geek shirt I had.
Some of these also remind me of Jonnie. Working on math homework at Jonnie’s some nights and we would listen to Jason Mraz. Jonnie would play “Dream Life of Rand McNally” and sing inappropriate lines really loudly just to bother me.
“Geek in the Pink”
“You and I Both”

Anything by Spill Canvas and their first three albums. They remind me of the time when I spent a lot of time with Jonnie right after I had gotten my heart broken. I played a lot of poker, too :) Jonnie was my rock during this time. We listened to music, went to concerts, and I would stop in every Monday to see him at work. He would make me chocolate milk and I would sit up at the bar and talk to him. As painful as this time in my life was, I wouldn’t trade it because I got so much from my strengthened friendship and I have so many rich memories. It also reminds me of being really thin. :)
All Hail the Heartbreaker”
“Sunsets and Car Crashes”
“Dutch Courage”

“Bartender” Dave Matthews–A lot of Dave Matthews reminds me of the drive with Josh, Jonnie, and Jessica to Jackpot for my 23rd birthday.

“Chicken Fried” Zac Brown. This song reminds me of the time in my life right before meeting Zach. I had graduated from college. I was loving my single life. I had a bunch of guy/girl single friends that I hung out with and I was having a blast.

“Already Gone” Sugarland. I normally hate Sugarland. But there is one line in this song. I heard it when I first met Zach and this line always struck a chord with me. I still turn it up when it comes on the radio and I still get butterflies in my stomach.
“They say the first time won’t ever last. But that didn’t stop me, the first time he laughed.
All my friends tried to warn me the day that we met. Girl don’t you lose your heart yet.
But his dark eyes dared me with danger. And sparks fly like flame to a paper. Fire in his touch, burning me up, but still I held on. ‘Cause I was already gone.”
Zach just says that the rest of the song can’t come true whenever I tell him this song reminds me of him/us/our beginning.

“Two Weeks” All that Remains. Zach loved this song when we first met. We did a lot of playing this song on Rockband when we were first hanging out.

“People are Crazy”-Billy Currington. This song reminds me of driving in the car with Suzanne and Warren coming back from South Carolina. All four of us were singing along to this song.

“Long Black Train”
-Josh Turner This reminds me of our trip to Georgia. Suzanne had this CD and Zach had never heard this song. He liked it. Listened to it a lot. And sang along to it. My husband has a deep voice and he can sing along to Josh Turner. SO sexy!!!

“Love Your Love the Most”--this song reminds me, more than any other, of the time that Zach and I were dating and together. I LOVED it. I wanted to play it at our wedding. Zach said,”No way!” It was too hick. Too something. If his mom thought it was appropriate for a wedding, then we could play it? What?!? I was so mad. Then one day randomly, the song was on the radio and Zach turned it up! A few days later he said he wanted it to come on. Apparently he had a change of heart and he loved it. And we danced to it as our second wedding song.

There are obviously so many more songs that strike me, as I’m sure there are millions with you.
I’m so grateful for music if for only this reason. I love the that a memory can come back in a split second.

Are there any you’d like to share?