Lately I’ve been reflecting on President Monson’s talk back in October of 2010–“Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude”
I consider myself a grateful person.

But lately, I have been stressed about a million different little things and I think I need the Spirit in my life more and I need more peace. I feel very strongly that at this time, being more grateful is what I need to do.
So I’m trying to identify and give thanks for the Tender Mercies I see in my life daily.
For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase ‘tender mercy,’ I look at it as a blessing. But a blessing specific for me and my needs, wants, desires, etc. They are abundant in my life and I experience them daily.

So I am dedicating Tuesdays on my blog to acknowledge the tender mercies in my life.

This week here are a few tender mercies:

*In the past I have always had very few parents show up for field trips to help out. As most of you readers know, I haven’t been sleeping well. (Or I hadn’t been). AT ALL. By Thursday, the day of our field trip, I was exhausted. More exhausted than I care to explain or describe but I assure you this is not for dramatic flare. I had 10 parent helpers come to help out for my field trip! What a blessing to have the ability to breathe a little and actually enjoy my students before I left them for a week.

*Last week, again it was a highly stressful/exhausting week. Aleisha came by while I was at work and dropped off a plethora of platters and such for me to use at my shower. It was so nice of her to borrow them from her mom. It was so nice of her to deliver them to me. And I was especially thrilled with the line at the end of her note, “P.S. Your house looks great!” It truly made my day.

*Funnily enough. The day that Aleisha dropped things off, I was in a panic about the house. I had a late start and things were a mess and there was FROST on my windshield at the end of March. Yes, all of this was putting me over the edge. I went to feed Mal and when I walked back into the house, my husband was unloading the dishwasher and wiping down the kitchen counters for me. My adult tantrums about a clean house are illogical and definitely unnecessary. Zach never gets mad at me, he just always tries to help.

*Richard asking me how the shower went when he saw me on Sunday. No prompting from the wife. He even asked if the betting pool we had went okay, because he knew there had been some worry about that. It actually made me laugh that he paid attention!

*I had two total nights of complete sleep. BLISS! A beautiful beautiful thing! Last night was a little rough, but I’m hoping for another full night’s rest tonight!

*I am getting a massage on Thursday! It worked out with the lady and what a perfect time to use my gift certificate from Natasha!

*My mom is off this week, too! That’s the best. We get to go to the temple together during the daytime like normal people!

*I got to meet with my Grandpa and visit with him for a little bit last night. Our conversations are usually a little rough, he misses my Grandma and is really sad. But last night after he got done talking about how sad he was, we had a pretty good little talk.

*On Sunday the Young Women were all gone. They went to Salt Lake for the Young Women’s General Broadcast. I had to go to Relief Society for the first time in ages. I was actually anxious and dreading it. It turned out, I got just the lesson I needed. We watched an amazing video that told an amazing story. You can preview it here. It left me in tears and the message it left me with has been with me, constantly, since Sunday.

*Aleisha had the video from Sunday and is letting me borrow it. I will be sharing it along with a brief message with my family on Sunday for our family home evening.

*Conference Weekend! Need I say more? Actually, yes, I do need to say more. I find that as I’ve gotten older I actually ache to hear the prophet and apostles speak. I do. There is a comfort in those men. I feel watched over by them. I feel led by them. I know I need to listen to them. I love our Prophet and I feel so blessed to be led and guided by him. I cannot wait to listen to the talks this weekend. What a perfect way to end Spring Break.

*As always, I have a home. A home that I love and a home that the Spirit can dwell in. I have an amazing family. I have the best husband a lady could ask for and I feel so blessed to be influenced by his kind nature, his hard work, and his patience with me. I feel so lucky to wake up with him every morning. We have a little extra food in our house, and a little padding (not much) in the bank. We don’t have a lot, but we have exactly what we need. I have friends that bless my life. I have the gospel. I have my amazing students waiting for me when school resumes. I love them so much. There is such joy found in helping them learn or making them laugh. At times (all the time) my job is stressful. It is probably the biggest cause for my stress levels at just about all times. I think I lose sight of the big picture too often, the students. I work for them. I plan for them. I do everything for them. I have a job that can bring such happiness.

And I think that’s why I need to do Tender Mercy Tuesday : ) To remind myself of what matters most.
And to be ever so grateful for it.