***Warning..If you didn’t watch Sunday’s episode, this will be a spoiler***
If you didn’t know.
I love this show. It is one of the only things from life B.Z. (Before Zach)
that I watch by myself–this and The Bachelor. But let’s be honest, occasionally he’ll watch either one of them with me. He’s cool like that! It’s just not a show that I wait for him to watch with me. I watch it by myself. We don’t have cable (what a blessing! for real! I love life without t.v.) So once a week, during Army Wives season, I watch on lifetimetv.com.

Yesterday was that day for me. And the episode was…
to say the very least.

I texted Zach:
“Jeremy died. Sick! I’m so sick!”

So at dinner, my husband asked about the episode and I filled him in.
With a lump in my throat.

And today when I met him for lunch I couldn’t do anything but talk about it some more.


Yes, it is a show. And yes, I firmly believe that a show should not be all consuming (thus the blessing it is to not have cable)

But this is not “just a show.” This is a reality for so many people.
The reality is that many men won’t marry.
And many moms get the message that their sons are not coming home.

And they are left to make decisions that they should never have to make.
As I watched the war scene unfold, the scene in which Jeremy gives his life, I had two thoughts:

“Wow, that would take guts! I would be sick with fear! I would be so scared!!”

” They do that for me. Do I show enough gratitude?”
They not being just the soldier, but the wife/mother/friend/family left behind.

How grateful I am to those that give their lives for me every single day.
So that I can blog about my distaste for Tom Luna publicly.
So that I can blog about my religious views/feelings publicly.
So that I can feel safe in my home in this great country.
So I can live a full life.

Thank you, soldiers! Thank you, Army families.