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“Talk tech to me…”
Those are the sweet words I whispered to my husband last night
as he curled up behind me and tried…

to help me sleep.

I seriously have truly become an insomniac. It is the worst torture EVER.
I love sleep.
Sleeping is something I look forward to every single day. Sadly enough.
And since I’ve been married, I’ve looked forward to it even more.
I can hardly wait to crawl into bed and cuddle with my husband.
And now, I can’t.
I dread the night.
I lie awake…brain is totally on. I can’t turn it off.
Zach has given me two priesthood blessings.
We pray every night.
I take a warm bath.
I relax.
I try skip counting backwards.
I try singing a church hymn in my mind.
I’ve done everything I can.
Twice now, Zach has been able to lull me to sleep with talk of computer encounters or new things he learned about in school.

My mom thinks I’m awful but it works.
And it’s not as if I don’t find what Zach studies in school or does for a living interesting.
I really really do.
I find his mind amazing as well.
But you see, Zach’s not much of a talker. So if I ask him to tell me a story he will–in like three sentences.  It’s not enough to get me to  sleep.
Zach is smart, though. Very smart. And he can go on and on if he’s talking about something he knows a lot about or is interested in.
Bring in: Tech Talk
So Zach will start talking and I don’t worry that he will stop.
And so I’m able to fall asleep before him.
Last night I got five blissful hours of sleep.
It was amazing.

Thank you, Zach.
For a). Giving me a blessing
b). And praying with me before bed
c). And assuring me that we could do family home evening on Thursday so I didn’t need to worry about the fact that we had it planned last night
d). And rubbing my shoulders for over an hour
e). For offering to run me a bath
f). For coming to check on me and telling me you’d talk tech…your brain was wired anyway.

You are too good to me!
I love you so much!

And I love me some sleep.

Now everyone, prayers for me to sleep tonight and the next night and the next, etc.