What are your favorite household cleaners?

I “wasted” a good portion of time today reading blogs about cleaning. Seriously.
I began to feel inadequate somehow. All of these products I don’t use or even know about.
And then I decided to clean my house instead.
I instantly felt better.

Lots of girls blog about clothes and makeup.
I buy my makeup at Target. My clothes at JC Penney, Maurices, and..uh..Target.
I don’t do designer. And I am definitely okay with that. I’m not passionate about designer. I am also not wealthy.
But I can clean. So I decided I would do an answer this on my favorite cleaning products. I’m hoping some of you will respond with some other products and make me want to try them, tell me a little about them even, so I don’t feel so “out of the loop.” Here are a few of mine. Nothing too new here:

Clorox Bleach

I use this for just about anything. I will occasionally mop my floors with it. Clean my bathroom/tub/shower with it. Everything. I love how I know it disinfects, I love the clean look, and I love love LOVE the smell. When I was little, my mom often had Fridays off or she worked half days. I would LOVE coming home on Friday afternoon. The house would be clean and it would smell like bleach. LOVE it! And with this stuff…it really needs to be Clorox brand. Just sayin’Clorox Bleach

Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Yes, I am blogging about this. These are a tad spendy for my taste.
Really they’re not, but I’m kind of a tight wad in a weird way
When we were first married I went on a cleaning supply spending spree. I bought like $50 worth of cleaning supplies when I was just going to pick up bathroom cleaner. I got carried away. I love the cleaning aisle. I picked up these things and I’m addicted.
I remember the moment I felt like I needed to “confess” to Zach all that I spent that day.
“And I bought these toilet bowl cleaner tablets that were like $10 for four of them!”
I felt like I had been so irresponsible.
Leave it to Zach to tell me how much each was costing us per week to help me justify my shopping :)
And now I can’t live without these.
They really do keep the toilet bowl clean.
They are not blue…I tried the blue stuff once..it was cheaper…NOT WORTH IT!
And every single time a toilet is flushed, your bathroom smells like bleach. A huge plus!

Lysol Bathroom Cleaner
I like this stuff. The kind that foams. I use it to clean my bathtub pre bleach.
I don’t always bleach, just an FYI. Only sometimes.
But this stuff will clean a tub in seconds.
Spray it on.
Leave it a minute.
Come in with a scrub brush and scrub away.
So clean.

Comet Cleanser
I don’t really use this all that often. I clean my sink with it. That and Bar Keeper’s Friend. Those are the things I use to clean my sinks. If I’m out of supplies, I will clean the bathroom with it, though. I know all of my products are considered “abrasive” but there’s something about the paste it makes, plus the scrubbing, plus the clean smell that I just love.

Microfiber Cloths
Our house needs dusting
It’s gross.
One time it led to a rather embarrassing break down.
We hadn’t been married very long.
I clean every Saturday and that week was no exception.
I had dusted the tv stand.
Three days later it looked as if I hadn’t touched it in months.
I had a fit. I told Zach our house was “unlivable” and that we could never have a child under these conditions.
I still remember him, not getting angry, but telling me to just listen to myself for a minute.
It makes me laugh now.
I told Grandpa about this “dust” problem.
He brought me a microfiber cloth.
I use it to dust now and I
LOVE LOVE it. Seriously. I highly recommend them.
In fact, I love it so much that I bought a microfiber dry/wet mop made by Mr. Clean.
It is the best mop, especially if you have pets that shed.
I love microfiber cloths!
Plus, you can dust the front of your television with one!

Microfiber Cloths
Note: These are not the brand of cloth I use. I don’t know my brand. It came from Costco apparently.

No, this is not a cleaning product.
But it certainly helps me feel better about the cleanliness appeal of my home.
It’s the way I reward myself.
I know, I’m sick.
If the house is clean, I turn on my Scentsy and it just feels “done.”

Ah! Saturday cleaning.
I love a clean house!

What are your favorite household cleaners?