1. My lunches need to be warm. I like warm food. I’m not a huge fan of cereal (as a meal), sandwiches (unless it’s a french dip), or salads…usually.
2. Every shirt I wear to work out in came from a 5k Run/Walk that I’ve participated in with Misty. Every single one of them.
3. I make a contest out of drinking water at a restaurant. I somehow feel the need to have my water gone by the time the server comes around again.
4. I’m very opinionated. And I’m always right. But I don’t like contention.
It makes for a difficult dilemma.
5. Sometimes I want to leave Idaho. (Never want to leave my mom or Misty…it’s just sometimes I feel suffocated. I can’t explain it…at least not on here.)
6. And then I look at the farm land when I’m driving around and I can’t ever imagine leaving.
7. The bed has to be made…always.
8. I really really don’t like yard work. This is possibly the most difficult thing for me about having a house. I do believe in taking pride of where you live. I just don’t even know where to start sometimes.
9. I know some of the best people and I am so honored to call them friends and family.
10. I am so much happier when the sun is out.