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Hopefully Misty will forgive some of the pictures and hopefully you’ll forgive the abundance…I just couldn’t post about this without showing some snapshots of our history.
Dear Misty,
I’ll start by telling you that my eyes filled with tears as I looked through all of our pictures.
You are one of the greatest blessings in my life. I look back on our past tenish years together…WOW…and I think how rich it has all been.

How truly full of love and fun my life was. Especially in high school and college.
I would do both of those all over again.
Just because of the beauty of our friendship.
Thank you for being my friend from that first day in Mr. Gross’s math class.
Thank you for every single project in English.
Thank you for listening to me ramble on and on…endlessly about Kamron.
More importantly, thank you for supporting it. For keeping my hope alive.
That was a true act of friendship.

I love you and I love us.
I love our history.
Do you remember :
“Penis in the pants?”
My rated R movie moment?
The girl who was going to bring sodas to the party in British Literature?
Joseph? Did we go to a movie with him after the semester was over…or was that just me?
Biology and the two girls we became friends with?
Playing hangman during biology?
Meta phase 2?
Misty Blake is that you?
Do you remember:
Friday lunches?
“The last thing I want to do tonight is fight with the two of you?”
Our confessional?
“Fields of Gold” being the soundtrack to the video from the apartment?
“Maybe that’s my problem”…in reference to milk. Angie said it?
Angie’s dishes in the sink?
Reading our high school notes in Rushmi’s class?
Writing our papers for Mrs. Rickett’s class?
Do you remember:
Best legs and best hair?
Me groping you during our interpretive dance senior year?
Dance party in the parking lot?
The singles dance…when you were Mormon?
Or the singles dance with Dan and that guy that came diagonally (and quickly) across the room to dance with me…just my luck :)
Secret hope?
Scott’s going to be a little late to class?

Do you remember:
“I think we need to get a plant”
“I was just getting a drink of water”
“I thought you said we needed to get out of the projects.”
Laughing on the kitchen floor?
The Osbornes?
The Real World?
Real World Road Rules Challenge?
Do you remember every single conversation about every single boy I thought I might end up marrying?
Do you remember:
When I called you at 3 a.m. to tell you that I officially had a boyfriend?
And then you texted me a few days later saying: You are in a relationship?
It was really cute of you!
When I told you that I didn’t have a boyfriend anymore?
A few dinners at Texas Roadhouse?
You and Ken dancing with me? Without alcohol?
That was also really nice of you.
Do you remember this night with Dan?
Do you remember?
Singing the Rent soundtrack on New Year’s Eve and Ken getting annoyed?
Dancing on the bar at Shakers with Tammy?
Naked Chinese Firedrills?
Naked car wash visits?
Naked runs through the high school soft ball field?
The naked summer?
Summer Catch?
Moulin Rouge?
“I’m moving to San Fransisco to work for Uncle Richard?
Do you remember:
How dirty I was?
And how fat I was?
Your fight with Dan?
And you laying in the hallway and kicking Angie’s door?
Getting kicked out of Shari’s?
Watching the Village?
Do you remember:
The library make up days in high school?
Our spring break trip to Boise?
Me breaking the headboard?
Our impromptu stay at a motel because there weren’t any movies playing?
How annoyed your mom was?
How funny you were as you rolled your suitcase down the driveway?
Do you remember:
Laughing really hard at the above picture because we looked like we had been partying?
Every witty walk shirt or walk thought we’ve come up with?
Every walk period.
Crying when we see people’s shirts on the walks?
Our traveling pants?
Floating the river?
Mary and Rhoda?
My child?
Do you remember:
Me helping you into your wedding dress?
And you helping me get into mine?
The bridal showers?
The dinner dates?
The funerals we’ve attended for one another?
Every tear?
Every text?
Every prayer uttered on the other’s behalf?
Every I love you?

I do. And I remember so much more.

Our memories bring a smile to my face and often make me laugh.

Our more recent memories are definitely more subdued, but no less amazing.
They include a text message with a picture of your positive pregnancy test.
You don’t know this, but I was dancing around the house all morning.
“Misty’s pregnant. Oh my gosh, Misty’s pregnant. This is huge. This is life changing. This is huge.” I seriously probably said, “This is huge.” at least 20 times. Which is funny now.

They include getting to feel Grace kick…once.

And laughing with you about playing “Will I Lose My Dignity” during your labor.

Our lives are a little more settled now.
But I have a strong belief that neither one of us would be as settled, as happy, or as ready to face the changes that we’ve faced or that lie ahead…if it hadn’t been for such a free-spirited time in our college days and prior. And for such an abundance of love and acceptance.
We truly lived.

We have laughed together.
We have definitely cried together.
We’ve hugged one another.
We’ve fought.
We’ve been competitive.
We’ve shared school stories.
And crazy people in our lives stories.
And we tell each other that we are in the right.
Not just because we’re friends, but because we really are.
I love us because:
We are not afraid to compliment each other’s boobs, butt, or any other body part.
We can often times communicate in one word descriptions
Do I look like “the apartment?”
That was during the “Rent” period.
That was during “Ryan.”

We can also send either first or first and last name texts to one another.
That means we just saw that person.
And we know exactly what that means.

We can talk about our fatness in the past and it’s not the least bit offensive.

Even though we see each other less we love each other the same.
We love the same, period.

I always want to see mediocre horror movies with you.

Or cheesy teen romance flicks with you.

I always want to make you read the book I just read, regardless of whether or not it was actually good. Just so I can talk to you about it.

I can always tell you when I’m having a bad day.

I love you because you are family to me.

I love you, Misty. Thank you for so many memories!
Thank you for being the friend that you are. I am so blessed.
I know I’m not the best at being around or leaving the house for that matter, but I am always here and I love you SO SO much!