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Being a friend of Misty’s has led me to appreciate things that perhaps I may have never known about or understood.
Lent is one of those things.
Even though my church doesn’t officially observe Lent, I like the idea of it.
I like the concept. I like the meaning behind it.
And when I choose to observe Lent, I truly do think about Christ more often.

This year, it’s been every time I’ve had the offer of chocolate.
I can say, I’ve denied myself chocolate for about 30 days now, if my calculations are correct.
I once gave up chocolate for a year and a half…one of my proudest accomplishments and lowest weights at that, but I digress

I have given up chocolate oh yes,
but I’ve found ways around it.
Like my new love/obsession of praline pecan ice cream and caramel.
Or how I ate Reeses Pieces at the movies on Saturday because they are chocolate-free.
And so I felt like a cheater.
Like I was living the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law? You know?

And so I am giving up sweet things until Hawaii.
I feel like I can make it that long.
And that much time will make up for the cheating I’ve done during my 30 days.
I know it doesn’t work like that, but I want to get something out of this experience.
And no, not just a few fewer pounds.

I told my students about this decision.
To rid sweets from my life until I land in Hawaii.
And they told me they would keep an eye on me.

I need the accountability from the ones who spend most of my day with me!

Yesterday, I came to class after lunch with a drink from the coffee shop across the street.
It’s called a grasshopper.
It’s a frozen chocolate/mint blended drink. (Don’t judge. I asked for skim milk!)
It doesn’t quite look as fancy as the one pictured above.

One of my students asked me what I was drinking.
I told her.
She goes, “Mrs. Hatch, you’re not supposed to have sweets!”

Another student, listening in, defended me instantly, “It’s not a sweet, it’s a drink.”

A girl after my own heart.
And oh so wise!