Over spring break (shoot, I still need to blog about spring break)
We cleaned some stuff out. I went down memory lane a little as I organized some of my “memorable items’ I keep in the garage. I went through a college paper I wrote for
my Cultural Diversity class.
We were to describe ourselves in the paper.

In my paper I addressed some misconceptions that I come in contact with all of the time and the truth about them. Here is a brief synopsis:

(LOVE this picture. LOVE it. This was 1 week before my wedding, I am tan, happy, and in THE best Halloween costume EVER! EVER! In fact, I may have to blog our Halloween pictures from ’09 sometime)

Fact: I am a teacher.

Misconception: I decided to become a teacher for one of the following(or any combination of the following) reasons: A). I want to “only work” nine months out of the year.

B). I really don’t want to work. I’m a Mormon woman after all, so I’m probably waiting until I can stay home with my kids. So I probably wanted a degree that I could “use at home” (heard it a MILLION times).

C). I’m not very smart. Those who can’t, teach. Right?
Truth: I love kids! They are the best people in the world. Trust me, you’d rather spend your days with kids than adults. I promise. They rock!
I also believe whole-heartedly that education is the solution to all of the world’s problems.
I feel passionately about kids and I want them to get a valuable education. I want them to love learning. I want them to question things and use their resources. I want them to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and avid readers. I thought I could make a difference. That’s why I’m a teacher. **Oh, and I am pretty smart. :)

Fact: I will ask people if I look okay, if I look fat, etc.. In an outfit on a fairly regular basis.
Misconception: I’m fishing for compliments. I am completely and totally insecure. I must look fat if I think I do, so why am I asking?
Truth: My mom will be the first to tell you that I have very off perception of my body. So I would seriously never leave the house. 90% of the time I’m unsure of how I actually look because of the way my brain thinks. This did not happen in my teenage years like most people think. I was 30 pounds heavier in high school and I couldn’t have cared less. Seriously. See here for photos :) I finally did begin to care during my first semester of college and I lost the weight. I never realized how much people pay attention. I seriously got so many “You look SOOO good!” “How much weight have you lost, my gosh!” “Are you losing weight?” and I often got the ‘body scope.” I was looked up, down, and all around by many women (and men, too) but women are the worst. Funny, I was just remembering this the other day. When I lost weight, it was over the summer. I started “dieting” and exercising in May. In July, Trevor (a guy I worked with and a friend) commented that I had lost weight. It took his brother (and one of my best friends–also a co-worker), Jonnie, until October to say, “You’ve lost some weight haven’t you?” In a random conversation. He was one of my closest friends. Women do NOT wait that long. I definitely became more aware of how much people pay attention to weight. As a result, I now do the same to myself and honestly, I’m pretty aware of others now, too.

Fact: I hate alcohol.
Misconception: I hate alcohol because I’m Mormon. I also probably hate it because I “can’t drink it.”
Truth: I can drink it. Nobody is holding a gun to my head watching my every move. I choose not to due to what I’ve been taught and how I feel about it. That’s not the only reason, though. Alcohol serves no positive purpose in the big scheme of things. From what I deem, it’s occasionally fun or perhaps relaxing. I get that. However, I don’t understand why pay into something that contributes to so much bad? It doesn’t make logical sense to me. Also, it’s a drug. Drugs gross me out. Period.

Fact: I love country music
Misconception: I am a redneck. I have no depth. I am unintelligent.
Truth: Well, I already told you, I am pretty smart. I also like other kinds of music. When I am hurt I heal myself with the kind of music for the time. Music will often make me ache. Country music does all of it for me, though. Sometimes it makes me want to get up and dance! SOOO bad. Like this song right now…so obsessed. Sometimes it makes me want to cry…and succeeds. Sometimes it makes me feel patriotic. Sometimes it makes me just proud. I have this great respect for true country folk. REAL country folk. I want to be one when I grow up. I want to be tough, hard working, and hospitable. I want an admirable work ethic. I want to look ROCKIN’ in a pair of jeans. :) I love everything about it! I think my love of this defines me and I am not ashamed. But so many people dismiss based on that or think that they have a right to use the fact that I love “Watermelon Crawl” as ammunition against me, now that’s shallow.

Fact: I am opinionated.
Misconception: I am wrong.
Truth:I am right.