Halloween 2009

Best Costumes Ever

Highlights from this Halloween:
Searching Savers for costumes for two hours. Leaving–deflated. Only to see these brand new BYU jackets hanging on the racks outside. We both looked at each other and said, “Should we?”
I was on a high the whole ride home. I was just thrilled. I kept telling Zach how amazing these costumes were and how funny we were going to be. You see, Misty and Ken were having a costume party that year. I wanted to win best costume. We didn’t :( But we sure tried.
Notice the polo shirt I’m wearing with a crew neck tee underneath, my braid, and my expectant bump? Notice Zach’s part in his hair and his cheesy grin?

*Telling Misty that Zach and I had the best costumes ever and her response being, “Are you guys going to be Mormon?”

I was sad that she figured it out beforehand, but it just made me laugh that she would even think that.

Going shopping at the grocery store in costume. People were staring, “Are they in costume or are they real?” “Should I laugh?” “Should I be offended?”
My dad not liking the expectant bump at all and being really bothered that we put a picture of Zach rubbing my belly on our wedding slideshow. Hahahaha :)
A little sacralidge? Maybe.
Maybe not, though?
A distaste for BYU helped us connect that first night.

I remember these lines coming out of my mouth:
“You play poker? I play poker!!!”
“You hate BYU? I hate BYU!!”
And my girlfriends watched as I realized I had to marry this guy.

Plus, I’ve softened a little toward BYU lately. I really have.
It’s really miraculous.
I have a student who is a BYU fan.
And every game day she wears these ribbons in her hair.
And her family is awesome.
And it’s just too darn cute.
Totally softened me.